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1 - Jesus' BirthAs Viewed By Ha Torah
2 - The Natural Order
3 - Do Not Intermingle Seed
4 - The Holiness of G-d - A
5 - The Holiness of G-d - B
6 - Holiness In Marriage
7 - Each After His Own Kind
8 - Alone

Messianic Reply
to Missionaries from Dr. Akiva Gamliel, who was a former messianic congregation leader. Dr. Belk discusses the allegations of:
Jesus being G-d
Jesus being the son of G-d
Jesus being the Messiah, the Christ
the Divine Inspiration of the New Testament
...and much much more.

Dr. Akiva Gamliel offers irrefutable proofs with references from Jewish and Christian books. Anyone who has questions about the validity of Jesus or the New Testament should listen to these sight involking audio discussions. THEY ARE FREE!


Dr. Akiva Gamliel Belk also discusses the essence of what one is if they are not a Christian in the Seven Laws of Ha Torah. THEY ARE FREE!
The Seven Laws 1
The Seven Laws 2
The Seven Laws 3

7Commands World Out Reach - Seven Noaich Commandments is a Non Jewish site that offers thought provoking discussion of the worlds oldest system of beliefs by Dr. Akiva Gamliel Belk.

Battling The Soul Snatchers
Jews for Judaism
Outreach Judaism
Torah Life An organization formed to save Jews from falling prey to cults and missionaries.
Yad L'Achim -Anti Missionary

Daily / Weekly Studies

JewishPath, B'nai Noach Torah Institute and 7 commands offers dozens of tuition e - mail courses. Please visit BNTI's Tuition Courses page.
For Jewish Classmates: Gematria, Parsha, Tehillim, Medos, High Holidays and many more...
For Spiritualist Classmates: Bereishis, Torah, Blessings, Intro. Hebrew and many more...

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