Torah Stories for Children

Distant Learning
B'nai Noach Torah Institue:
offers over 100 courses online. Many of these course combine audio and text lessons. We teach observant Judaism and the Seven Noaich Comammands. Gematria, Hebrew and much more.. Listen to 100's Torah Audios, of the Weekly Parashat, Gematria, High Holidays, Kabbalah, stories and much more...
Cogito Distance Learning, Distance learning to academic degrees from foreign universities in IsraelHebrew College Online Courses - inc. credit
Jewish Theological Seminary Distance, The Distance Learning Project offers online education both for credit and adult education.

Education Links
Academic Info Religion:
B'nai Noach Torah Institue: Bnai Noach Torah Institute prepares students from a Torah perspective to teach the Seven Noach Commands and assist B'nai Noach / Spiritualist Congregations. BNTI is a good place to learn Hebrew!
Coalition for Advancement of Jewish Education
Concordia University Chair in Canadian Jewish Studies is dedicated to the study of the Canadian Jewish experience. Through research and education...
Everything Jewish A complete, easy-to-read, step-by-step guide to Shabbat, Jewish Holiday's and Life-Cycle events.
Istochnik Jewish Educational Server on four continents.
Hadar Hatorah Yeshiva the world's first yeshivah for Jewish men with little or no formal background in Jewish knowledge or practice,without complexity, conditions..
Jewish Pro-Life Foundation
We promote alternatives to abortion in the Jewish community by providing education about fetal development, the viability and sanctity of unborn life, and traditional Jewish law regarding abortion. We teach our community about the harmful effects of abortion, and provide support to Jewish women and men who suffer from post abortion syndrome.

Educational Supplies
Project Shalom
Project Shalom is made up of parents, consultants, educators, and other professionals working together to supply educational resources to educators, students, religious groups, and community organizations. We also make educational resources and teaching materials available for students, teachers, parents and others in the areas of history, geography, law related education, social studies, Jewish History, storytelling and religious studies. We develop and maintain teaching materials and educational resources for teachers, parents, clergy and other professionals. We provide educational resources such as a storytellers network, demonstrations, exhibits, seminars, a teacher's center, and a speakers bureau on social studies, parenting, family law, religious topics and law related education. For more information call: 443.846.4981 or EMAIL


Lekach-Tov Biblical Hebrew Learning System
FREE BIBLICAL HEBREW software. Our software connects verbs amd nouns of the same shoresh [root word] in the Torah, Haftarah and siddur. Our software also has concordance, thesaurus and quizzes.
Jewish Culture

Jewish Children's Museum - The Museum serves elementary school-age children and their families using exhibitions and programs in an educational and entertaining format. The Jewish Children's Museum uses contemporary technology and a hands-on approach to learning so visitors experience Jewish history, values and traditions in a manner that inspires an increased interest in Jewish culture. The Jewish Children's Museum is a setting for children of all faiths and backgrounds to gain a positive perspective and awareness of the Jewish heritage, fostering tolerance and understanding.

Jewish Family & Life
Jews in the Wild West
The Marshall Jewish Learning Center
Melton Pedagogic Resource centre and library for Jewish Ed.
Mevaseret Zion Educational Center:a vibrant and innovative educational institution
Nurit Reshef's
Life at Rutgers University
Our mission is to provide an interdisciplinary academic program in Jewish Studies, fund research in the area and sponsor a wide variety of outreach programs to the community. Last year we dedicated our Holocaust Resource Center which sponsors educational programming in the area throughout the region and provides research and resource information on the Holocaust. Category: Universities, Jewish Studies
UAHC Department of Jewish Education
Yad Vashem
The Allen and Joan Bildner Center for the Study of Jewish

Home Schooling
Bnos Henya Project -Jewish Orthodox Homeschooling - Resources and more for the Jewish Home School Educator.
Jewish, Educational resources for parents, teachers and students. Includes games, interactive curriculum materials, supplements to classroom learning, parent chat, and more
Jewish Home Educators' Network of Portland, Oregon, An inclusive Portland, Oregon-area network and support group for Jewish homeschoolers
Jewish Homeschooling, Network with other Jewish homeschoolers in your area.

Jewish On Line Schools
Jewish Online School
What if there isn't a Jewish day school where you live, or perhaps your child is homeschooled?

The Online Jewish Day School is the perfect alternative.
The Online Jewish Day School offers a virtual education experience, with live classes and interactive learning. Students from grades 1-8 are welcome in our virtual classrooms, where warm and experienced teachers provide an excellent Jewish education, all in the comfort of your own home.

With our cutting edge software, your child will be able to connect with other Jewish children from across the world and form lasting friendships.

Torah Stories for Children

Online Reading Rooms Adult
HaRav Aharon Kotler ZTL A fascinating anecdotal study of his teachings.
Deiah veDibur - Information & Insight: Information & Insight: A window into the chareidi world - published weekly
The Mount Zion Educational Center - Books
Bas Ayin A journal of Jewish Spirituality
Rabbi Yisroel Pesach Feinhandler's Publications
The Jerusalem Letter - Commentary on contemporary issues from a Torah perspective
Hilchos Halvaos (in Hebrew)
Hazon (Our Universal Vision)
Hypermikdash: A reading on the Bais Hamikdash.
IsraelShop section on Hebrew language - Dictionaries, language learning aids
Modern Hebrew - Free online courses, tutorials, activities
Nishmas Chayim (Chassidic Stories): Stories from the Chassidim.
Our Lives Womens writings, A Targum Press Publication
"The Maggid of Mezritch" -by Nishmas Chayim.
"The Golden Dynasty" -by Nishmas Chayim.
Books produced by Bais Kaila High School The Promised Child and Scapegoat on Trial: The Story of Mendel Beilus.
Torah Psychology: Solution oriented conversations that help people change.
Chamber of the Holocaust
The Judaic Archival Project Virtual Library

Rabbi Shai - Meditative exercises and inspirational words, to help us find a spiritual path and enlightenment.

Online Reading Rooms Children
Eli and Ohr by Yaffa Leba Gottleib
Gimple Tells a Story a coloring book by Naftali Cisner
Getting Ready For Shabbos a coloring book by CIS publishers
Israeli Wishes - Online lending library in Hebrew.Yossie's Special Shabbos by Rena YarmushShabbos Treats That Grew by Mayer BendetShalom Zachar by Beverly Geller

The NATIV curriculum

School Selection Guide by JewishPath
School Investigation Question List by JewishPath
Aleph Bet School
The Arava Institre, Offers Egyptian, Israeli, Jordanian,Palestinian and overseas students a hands-on academic program focussing on our joint environment. The program is conducted in English. Situated on the grounds of Kibbutz Ketura, adjacent to the Jordanian and Egyptian borders, the Institute serves as a regional center for conservation and environmental protection activities.
Associated Talmud Torahs
Babasali Yeshiva
David Cardozo School:A school for ambassadors of Judaism and human dignity.
Diaspora Yeshiva offers programs for men and women on all levels of Jewish knowledge.
Florence Melton Adult Mini-School, International Network of Adult Community Schools
Grand Rabbinat du Québec, Chief, Synagogue, Schools, Jewish Théologie, and more
Int'l Jewish School Network scan the globe for Jewish Day Schools around the world
Instituto Martín Buber

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MELITZ -- Institute for Jewish Zionist, Melitz Institute on-line. Information for resources in Israel and educational resources on line.
Migdal Ohr Institutions A school which provides education and social guidance to children from underprivileged and problem homes in northern Israel.
Philip and Sarah Belz School of Jewish, Preperation for leadership in synagogue prayer, Jewish Music education and to raise current standards of Jewish and Liturgical music.
School for Girls A girl's school with a challenging, well-rounded learning experience, assuring excellence in both hebrew and secular studies.
Yeshivat Beit HaBechira: The task of the Yeshiva is to raise up a generation of Torah scholars, lecturers, and researchers.
Yeshivas Bircas HaTorah
Yeshivat Har Etzion
Yeshivat HaRav Meir
Yeshiva of the Mekubalim Shaar HaShamayim The Holy Yeshiva Kabbala Academy
Yeshivat Ohr Yerushalayim:Ohr Yerushalayim is a Beit Midrash program for students from the United States and other Anglo-Saxon countries who wish to spend a year or more of intensive study in Israel.
Yeshivas Sharrei Yerushalayim A yeshiva geared towards the serious, mature student whose goal is to pursue a year of growth in learning, midos, and yiras shamayim.

Special Education Links

Bureau of Jewish Ed # San Francisco

Special Ed Center
Gan Harmony
Jewish Educational Center of Cleveland

Jewish Special Ed Resources
Hood College

Teachers Aids
Academic Jewish Studies Internet Directory - For scholars as well as for students this is a prime gateway to quality resources in the field of Jewish Studies. Sections include academic associations, research institutes, university study programs, libraries and archives. The directory also offers access to many online library catalogs and databases. It is part of the WWW Virtual Library and an Academic Info select site.
Yomit web-site: A rapidly growing educational site based upon the popular "Halacha Yomit Program" used by over forty Jewish day schools around the world. The site is meant for kids (ages 8-15) and is full of great graphics: * a special form for kids to send questions in halacha. * pages with answers to questions on different topics.* biographies of rabbanim.* links to other Torah sites. The site also contains pages of support for participating schools, material for mechanchim (educators), and parents.
Internet Jewish History Sourcebook
Jewish Early Childhood, A preschool teaching site for Jewish early childhood educators interested in sharing ideas as they relate to Judaic and secular themes.
JR Educational Resources - Is an exceptional learning site with instruction videos, illustrations and other great learning materials.
Jewish Publication Society Bible Online - Several versions of the Bible -In Hebrew and English. A good companion to the Perek Yomi program
Jewish Studies - J offers the academic community a gateway to many other Jewish Studies sites and tries to answer to the specific needs of scholars.
Lookstein Center's Virtual, An educational resource center including online databases of published materials, contributions from educators and links to Jewish educational sites. Includes a link to the Lookstein Center's popular educational digest (Lookjed List) and archives of past issues. Also includes general information on the Lookstein Center of Bar-Ilan University and its programs and seminars for Jewish educators in the Diaspora.
The Online Annotated Damascus Gate - Jorn Barger, whose Robot Wisdom Weblog is one of the Web's greatest tools, is conducting an impressive experiment. This work in progress attempts to annotate Robert Stone's powerful novel of modern Israel, Damascus Gate. In the process he is building an amazing resource for study -covering subjects ranging from cabbalah to yekkes, from kipot to bubbe meises. Barger's work is a growing collection of links to many facets of life in contemporary Israel and much more. Look at this site every few days to see the latest additions. Note: Barger's Disclaimer: "All points on the political spectrum will be linked here. Many are extremely extreme."
PedagoNet Facilitates the exchange of learning materials and resources.

American Technion Society, The American Technion Society (ATS) is the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology's support organization in the United States. Based in New York City, it is the leading American organization supporting

Baltimore Hebrew University, higher education in Israel. Baltimore Hebrew University is a major center of advanced Jewish study in the United States. Every year, thousands of people pass through BHU's doors to attend classes, lectures, academic conferences, and special events. The university is the home of the region's largest independent library of Judaica, theJoseph Meyerhoff Library.
Bar-Ilan University
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Brandeis University
Graduate School Of JTS, The largest program of advanced scholarship in America Hebrew Institute of Boston, Hebrew Institute of Boston is a non-profit organization providing services and opportunities related to Hebrew language, including translation, consultation on Hebrew teaching techniques, courses for professionals, Israeli matriculation exams, Hebrew kindergarten, and customized ketubbot.
Hebrew College, Creating Jewishly knowledgeable Jews and training the professional and lay leadership of the American Jewish community and beyond.
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Hillel International Center, Hillel is the foundation of the campus Jewish community
Jewish Office at Columbia University

Sephardic Educational Center (SEC) is an educational center that all Jews can turn to learn to about authentic Sephardic Judaism. Not only Judaism as an Observance, but the Sephardic experience that contains the unique cultural traditions (minhag) and interpretation of laws (halacha).

Snunit, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
Tel Aviv University
University of Haifa
University of Judaism, The University of Judaism is an independent Jewish including an outstanding undergraduate school, the College of Arts and Sciences, as well as graduate programs in behavioral psychology, not-for-profit business administration, education and the conservative Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies, the only rabbinical school on the west coast.
Weizmann Institute of Science
William Davidson Garduate, Jewish Education to prepare tomorrows educators
WUJS Institute in Arad, Israel, Year-long program in Arad, Israel, for Jewish college graduates, offering Hebrew, Jewish & Israel studies, travel, community volunteer service and job placement in all professions.
Yeshiva University Yeshiva University is the oldest and most comprehensive educational institution under Jewish auspices in America.
Yiddish Studies - At Columbia University

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Daily / Weekly Studies

JewishPath, B'nai Noach Torah Institute and 7 commands offers dozens of tuition e - mail courses. Please visit BNTI's Tuition Courses page.
For Jewish Classmates: Gematria, Parsha, Tehillim, Medos, High Holidays and many more...
For Spiritualist Classmates: Bereishis, Torah, Blessings, Intro. Hebrew and many more...