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Children's Art about the Holocaust
Holocaust Memorial in Palm Springs
Music of the Holocaust
Moshe Rynecki - 1881-1943: A Jewish Artist Whose Work
Razdolina, Zalta - Composer
Terezin Chamber Music Foundation
Audio / Video
Documentation of the Holocaust Survivors' Testimonies
Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies
In Our Own Hands - The Hidden Story of the Jewish Brigade in World War II
My Knees Were Jumping_- Remembering the Kindertransports
Nuremberg Trials Video
Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation
Videos of the Holocaust

Rabbi Menashe Yaakov Levertov
In memory of Rabbi Menashe Yaakov Levertov saved by Schindler; includes testimony and pictures...

An Auschwitz Alphabet
Auschwitz: A Bulleted Overview - an overview of the death camp in an easy to read format.
Body Disposal at Auschwitz - This article confronts many of the statements made by Holocaust deniers revolving around body disposal at Auschwitz.
Auschwitz Chronology
Auschwitz Concentration Camp - A short overview to the camp
Auschwitz: - The Death Factory
Auschwitz - Endstation Vernichtung Homepage
Auschwitz - Gate To Hell
Westerbork: Portal of Auschwitz - Netherlands
Auschwitz Journal - by Stuart Nichols
Auschwitz Overview - The Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum's official web site includes information about visiting, publications, news, and much more.
Rudolf Höss: Biography - A very good overview of the commandant of Auschwitz, from the Encyclopedia of the Holocaust online.
Testimony of Rudolf Höss: Full Text - A very long document. Rudolf Höss, the commandant of Auschwitz,
discusses in detail the process of killing in Auschwitz during the Nuremberg Trial in 1945.
U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum Haftlingspersonalbogen - This searchable database contains registration forms 1 through 331 for female prisoners and forms 1 through 4,500 for male prisoners at Auschwitz. The registration forms contain names, places of birth, occupations, spouse's names, residences, and more.
Ungdom Mot Rasism: Auschwitz - Birkenau - Välkommen till denna sida om Nazism/rasism men framför allt om Auschwitz – Birkenau. Under Påsken –97 var vi 7 st som åkte på en studie resa med brottsförebyggande centrum i Karlstad till Auschwitz. När vi kom hem började vi ha föreläsningar om detta och skapade en internet sida. Den har nu fått en ny Layout och lite mer innehåll och bilder.
Archaeological Dig Description Peter Witte describes archaeological research has been conducted at the Belzec camp
Archaeological Dig Findings - Excerpts - Excerpts of the important and significant findings of the 1997-1998
archaeological research done at Belzec
Belzec - An Overview - Adapted from the Encyclopedia of the Holocaust, an overview of the camp that includes information about the camp opening, the murder process, forced labor, and the closing of the camp.
Belzec Extermination Camp - Beginning with Belzec's origins as a labor camp, this overview covers the camp's layout and phases of operation.
Belzec From March 17 to June 1942 - Information about the process of death, including a large quote from
SS-man Karl Alfred Schluch who spent sixteen months in Belzec.
Deportations to Belzec - A chart that shows how many people deported from what city and county on what particular days. Organized first by county, then city.
Belsen Trial: Excerpts
Bergen-Belsen: An Overview - Adapted from the Encyclopedia of the Holocaust, an overview of Bergen-Belsen
Bergen-Belsen DP Camp - After liberation, a camp for displaced persons was established near the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. The Bergen-Belsen DP camp was the largest DP camp in Germany and the only all-Jewish camp in the British zone of Germany.
Bergen-Belsen Memorial Site
Seder Night in Bergen-Belsen - The story of Passover takes on new meaning in the middle of a camp during the Holocaust.
US Holocaust Museum Bergen-Belsen Page
Photographs of Birkenau by Alan Jacobs
Buchenwald Memorial
Buchenwald on Nizkor
History of Buchenwald - A walk through of the Buchenwald concentration camp.
Chelmno Extermination Camp (Kulmhof) - Overview of the camp with emphasis on the death process.
Extermination Camp Chelmno - Detailed
List of Jewish Communities Liquidated in Chelmno - Thirty-one communities decimated.
Ben Austin's Holocaust Info - The Camps
Concentratiekamp Dachau - (Dutch only) Meer dan 200.000 mensen uit heel Europa hebben in Dachau gevangen gezeten. Een groot deel van hen werd gedood of kwam door ontberingen om het leven... Met behulp van deze website willen de oud-gevangenen van dit kamp u een indruk geven van wat zich daar in die 12 jaren van nazibarbarij heeft afgespeeld.
Dachau Badges - This site displays the colors and coding of the badges worn by prisoners at Dachau.
Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Website
Dachau Concentration Camp - Short Articles
Dachau -- Prisoner Badges
Priests of Dachau - The Dachau concentration camp was the first established to hold political prisoners. Among these, were many priests. This is a short
overview of the priests of Dachau - the men and their lives.
Forgotten Camps - History of Nazi Concentration Camps, Work Camps, Police Camps, Transit Camps (english, french)
Flossenbürg - From your About.com Guide, an overview of this concentration camp.
Official Site of the Flossenbürg Memorial
Liberation of Gunskirchen, Austria -May 4, 1945
Gusen Concentration Camp
Communique of the Majdanek War Crimes Commission - Details of the tortures, prisoners,
extermination, cover-up, and plunder in Majdanek
Majdanek Concentration Camp - History and information on the experience of visiting the camp now.
Majdanek Extermination Camp
Majdanek: An Overview - From your About.com Guide, an overview of the establishment and layout of the camp plus a map.
Majdanek: Summary - An overview adapted from the Encyclopedia of the Holocaust, on structure, inmates, resistance, trials, and the museum.
Mauthausen Concentration Camp - A comprehensive overview of the Mauthausen camp
KZ - Mauthausen-GUSEN
Mauthausen-GUSEN from JSOURCE
Mittelbau Dora Concentration Camp
Ravensbruck Camp Map
Hell of Sobibor - Netherlands
Plan of Sobibor Extermination Camp - Locations of where prisoners arrived by rail, storage and the gas chambers
Sobibor 1942-1943
Sobibor: An Overview - A short overview of Sobibor, presented by the Museum of Tolerance and taken from the Encyclopedia of the Holocaust. Includes information on waves of transports, the personnel, and the closure of the camp.
Project Judaica Terezin
Nizkor Info about Treblinka
Acts of Resistance / Organization of the Revolt
Deportations to Treblinka
List of 215 Jewish Communities Murdered in Treblinka
Treblinka - A short sketch of the Treblinka death camp, learn about the gas chambers and the postcards sent from the dead.
Treblinka Death Camp - Overview
A Visit to Treblinka
What Remains
National Monument Camp Vught - These pages contain information about the history of the concentration camp and about the memorial site in Vught (The Netherlands). Westerbork: Portal of Auschwitz , Netherlands
Deportation Transports from Westerbork to Auschwitz and Sobibor
Map of Westerbork
Westerbork: An Overview - The Museum of Tolerance has posted an overview of the Westerbork transit camp, taken from the Encyclopedia of the Holocaust. The article includes information on the transition of the camp to a transit camp, the deportations, and the liberation of the camp.
Westerbork: Portal to Auschwitz - The transit camp in Holland was just a stopping post for many. The Nazis gathered Jews at this camp until a train could deport them, usually to Auschwitz.
Children and the Holocaust - From the U.S.H.M.M. - A short description of the experiences and fate of children during the Holocaust.
Children of the Holocaust
Children of the Holocaust - Meet some of the children who were victims of the Holocaust.
The Hidden Child: Between Two Religions - ewish children were often hidden in Christian homes where they were forced to assume a Christian identity to save themselves. But after the war, these children often felt confused about their true religion, for one had condemned them and the other had saved them.
Hidden Children: Physical and Identity - From your About.com Guide - Not only did they hide in attics,
cabinets, and closets to avoid Nazi persecution, but many children had to hide their Jewish identity.
Holocaust Memorial Center V'Debartam Bam An international mishnayos program dedicated to the memory of the children who perished in Churban Europe.
Jagerman, Judith - Childhood memories of survival
"Mengele's Children": The Twins of Auschwitz - Mengele's favorite experiments were on twins. What did he do and why?
A message you can post to any newsgroup where people deny the holocaust.
Holocaust Denial and Deniers
Holocaust Denial and Nazism
Holocaust Denial & The Big Lie- refutation of some common claims of those who deny the Holocaust.
Mermelstein vs. The Institute for Historical Review
Excerpts from original Nazi documents - relating directly to the extermination of Jews and others which was carried out by the Nazis during WW2.
A short statistical survey on the dimensions of the Holocaust,
Excerpts from testimonies of SS men
Excerpts from ruling and verdicts of German courts regarding Treblinka.
Holocaust Denial: An Online Guide - The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has created an online guide which covers the origin of Holocaust denial, denial as anti-Semitism, denial themes, and some of the prominent deniers.
History Project - - Essays, and reproductions of documents, which expose and debunk the claims of Holocaust deniers. Includes over 1,000 pages from such sources as the International Military Trial at Nuremberg.
How to Be a Revisionist Scholar - A Parody - 18 tried and true ways to manipulate the truth, in other words, how to be a "revisionist scholar."
Source bibliography [part one] and [part two].
164 text files refuting revisionist claims.
Historical discussion about the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion"
SWC Infiltration and Operations Report shows the efforts of neo-nazis:
[part two]
[part three]
[part four]
[part five]
[part six]
[part seven]
[part eight]
[part nine]
Death Places
Babi Yar - Saddened that many have never heard of Babi Yar, Ada has created a page of information about this ravine where the Nazis murdered100,000 people.
Babi Yar: Destroying the Evidence - As the Red Army was approaching, the Nazis attempted to destroy the evidence of their mass murders by burning the bodies.
Babi Yar: Mass Murder - In retaliation for explosions in downtown Kiev, the Nazis created a place of mass murder in the ravine named Babi Yar.
David Budnik: A Survivor - Budnik is a survivor of the prisoner cremation squad that was forced to dig up and burn the corpses of those murdered at Babi Yar.
Yakov Kaper: A Survivor - After the murders at the Babi Yar ravine, the Nazis brought in prisoners to erase the traces in July 1943. Kaper was one of those prisoners.
2G-Legacy Mailing List - This list is for the "second generation" (i.e. children and grandchildren of Jewish Holocaust survivors). It's focus is on understanding and furthering the legacy of the Holocaust.
H-Antisemitism Listserv - This listserv is an automated email list for scholars of antisemitism to share information, discuss methodology, share sources for funding, and to comment upon current historiography.
H-Holocaust Discussion List - This is the introduction and orientation page for the H-Holocaust listserv. The listserv is an automated email list that educators and scholars of the Holocaust can join to discuss topics concerning the Holocaust. The discussion is usually academic and geared toward those teaching college courses on this subject.
Holocaust Listserv - Hosted by the Holocaust Teacher Resource Center, this email list is to give Holocaust educators the opportunity to share questions/answers and problems/solutions for their educational programs and presentations.
Remembrance - Have you ever read a book about the Holocaust and wanted to discuss it but no one was interested? The Remembrance listserv offers a forum to discuss books which remember the victims, survivors and rescuers of the Holocaust.
The Holocaust Quilt
Eye Witness Accounts
104th Infantry Division Home Page - KZ Mittelbau DORA - The morning of 11 April dawned with yet another strangely named town to be reckoned with. Easier to pronounce, but impossible to forget, Nordhausen, home of the Mittelbau-Dora Concentration Camp,
1st. Lt. William Cowling - Report from the Dachau Liberation
A Personal Memory of Flossenbürg: 97th Infantry Division - Leslie A. Thompson, chaplain of the 97th
Infantry Division, shares his experiences at the liberation of Flossenbürg.
Album of Rescuers
American Officer Describes the Liberation from Mauthausen.
Anne Frank House
Anna and Jaruslav Chlup Tell Their Story
Barbara Szymanska Makuch Tells Her Story
Bert Bochove Tells His Story
Bram Pais Tells His Story
Christine Damski Tells Her Story
Dimitar Peshev
Dr. Olga Lilien Tells Her Story
Dutch Rescuer
Edward R. Murrow's Report from Buchenwald
Erika Van Hesteren Tells Her Story
Fragments of Memory
Glenn Edward Belcher: Dachau Liberator
German Witness Describes Prisoners from Dachau
Halina Szymanska Ogrodzinska Tells Her Story
Henny Juliard Tells Her Story
Herman Paul Feder Tells His Story
Jan Karski: A Hero of the Holocaust
Jewish Foundation for the Righteous: Stories of Moral Courage
John Damski Tells His Story
Joseph Heinrich Tells His Story
Liberation of Buchenwald
Liberation of Dachau
Liberators' Stories. A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust
Liberators' Testimonies - Debate the Holocaust?
Memories of the White Rose
Mirjam Pinkhof Tells Her Story
Mittlebau Dora Concentration Camp
Rachel Litowicz Tells Her Story
Raoul Wallenberg Project Interviews
Righteous Gentiles
Sophie Yaari Tells Her Story
Story of Jan Zwartendijk
Testimonies of the Last Prisoners in the Chelmno Death Camp- by Ada Holtzman
Tina Strobos Tells Her Story
Whoever Saves a Single Life
Yettie Mendels Tells Her Story
Simcha Frumkin - A Survivor - Simcha, only 11 years old when the Nazis invaded Lithuania, was forced along with his mother and father into the Kovno Ghetto.
Hidden History of the Kovno Ghetto - A short overview (accompanied by photographs)
Kovno Ghetto
Ghetto Newspaper - A picture of one of the newspapers published within the Lodz Ghetto.
Lodz Ghetto - From your About.com Guide - Throughout Europe, Jews were crowded into ghettos before being systematically murdered in thedeath camps. But how were they created and what was life like within? Follow the history of the ghetto in Lodz, Poland.
Lodz Ghetto - Overview - From the Encyclopedia of the Holocaust, a short overview of the Lodz Ghetto, including sections on the early stage of occupation, establishment of the ghetto, conditions in the ghetto, deportations, Rumkowski, and liquidation.
Alexander Kimel's Autobiographical Reflections on Life in the Rohatyn Ghetto - Kimel's memories and live life in the ghetto.
Beit Theresienstadt A kibbutz, opened in 1975 in Israel, in memory of the Jews of Ghetto Theresienstadt. Along with exhibits, an archive, and an education center, the kibbutz has a computerized database of the fate of nearly 150,000 prisoners of Theresienstadt.
Terezin Memorial - The Terezin Memorial is located on site of the Theresienstadt Ghetto/Camp in Terezin, Czech Republic.
Theresienstadt: An Overview - Adapted from the Encyclopedia of the Holocaust, a short overview of the camp including information on the first months, deportations, life in the ghetto, the Red Cross visit, and epidemics.
University Over the Abyss - Even though life within Theresienstadt was harsh, the Jewish inmates continued creating and presenting various cultural and social events.
Visit to Terezin - Filled with history and emotions, Chuck Vadun describes his visit to the fortress and prison at Terezin.
Abba Kovner and Resistance in the Vilna Ghetto
Ghetto resister and partisan, 25 year old Abba Kovner
refused to go like a sheep to slaughter.
Mordecai Anielewicz - Commander of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
Biographical Sketches
Chronology - A timeline of the events in the Warsaw Ghetto from the establishment of a Jewish Council to the execution of Emmanuel Ringelblum in March 1944. Images: Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
Warsaw - The City
Warsaw Ghetto Map
Warsaw Ghetto - Overview - A brief overview of the Warsaw Ghetto from the History Place.
Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

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Bonhoeffer's Life
Buchenwald Liberation - by Harry J. Herder, Jr.
Cowling, Lt. William - The Dachau Liberation Report
Dachau Liberation
Datline - Miep Gies
From the Jewish Foundation For the Righteous
Lucille E. - Story
Jan Karski: Hero of the Holocaust
Liberation of Gunskirchen Lagen, Austria - May 4, 1945
Liberators' Testimonies
My Holocaust Experiences
Nielsen, Ellen - Story
Righteous Among The Nations
Russian Soldier and Helen L.
The History Place - Schindler
To Save A Life - Stories of Jewish Rescue
Varian Fry
With Christ in the World
Memorial at MELRC - A virtual memorial to the holocaust, with links to other holocaust sites.
6,000,000: The Camps
Artifacts Salvaged from the Destruction
Auschwitz - Birkenau
Photographs of Auschwitz- 173 historical photographs of Auschwitz, Birkenau
Auschwitz Photographs 1979-1981 - by Alan Jacobs
Auschwitz Photographs 1993 - by Stuart Nichols
Auschwitz Slide Show - Richard Hitchens has created a slide show of pictures he took while visiting Auschwitz.
Babi Yar Photographs - Five photographs of this ravine. Photographs of Belzec - Then - 7 historical photographs of the Belzec death camp
Photographs of Belzec - Today - What is left at Belzec? Here are 21 photographs of what remains
Bergen-Belsen Memorial - Though this site is in German, it has contact information as well as photographs (Fotos) of the memorial.
Bergen-Belsen Photographics
Birkenau Photographs
Photographs of Birkenau by Alan Jacobs
Birken Photographs and Documents of Buchenwald
Twelve photographs and documents relating to Buchenwald. - by Alan Jacobs
Buchenwald Photographs -100 historic photographs of the Buchenwald camp, including the entrance to the camp, Jewish orphans, and a pile of human bones.
Buchenwald at Liberation - Photographs
Chelmno Photographs - Today
Courage to Remember
Dachau Photographs
DP Camps - Photos
Exodus Photographs
Eichmann - Photos
Faces of the Holocaust
Flossenbürg: Victor Wegard Photo Gallery
Flossenburg Photo Collection
Gallery of Holocaust Images
Rudolf Hess Photo Gallery
Gunskirchen Lagen, Austria Liberation of -May 4, 1945 Himmler - Photos
Hitler - Photos
Holocaust Pictures Exhibition
Holocaust Photo Collection
Holocaust Photos from Shamash
Holocaust Pictures Exhibition
Images: Other Ghettos
Korczak Chronological Photographs - Korczak as a young child to the tracks he passed on his way to his death in Treblinka.
Kovno Ghetto Photographs
Lodz Ghetto Photographs
Ordinary Men, Extraordinary Photos
Majdanek Extermination Camp - Overview and Old Photographs
Majdanek Photographs
Major Orval C. Clark's Buchenwald Liberation Photographs
Mauthausen Photographs by Alan Jacobs
Mining Guide Holocaust Photographs
Picture Gallery of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
Photographs of the Holocaust
Scenes from Majdanek - Photographs taken by Dr. Daniel Keren on his June 1998 trip of the camp focused mainly on the gas chambers and the gas.
Shamash Holocaust Photographs
Sobibor - Now
Sobibor - Then
Theresienstadt Photographs
Virtual Theresienstadt - From your About.com Guide, a photographic journey to the "Model Ghetto" and nearby prison.
Treblinka Photographs
U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum Photograph Collection - Holding more than 50,000 photographs, the Museum is doing their best to make many available online. The online database allows you to search by topic.
View Photos
Virtual Tour - Each Photograph of Majdanekis accompanied by a brief annotation.
Collection of Photos From the Warsaw Ghetto
Courage Under Siege - Pictures from the Warsaw Ghetto
Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Images
Photographs of the Warsaw Ghetto
Photographs of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
Westerbork Camp - Photos
Photographs of Simon Wiesenthal
Photographs of Simon Wiesenthal: More

Holocaust Portraits - By Artist, Alan Zola Shulman is driven by elements of light, color and texture in capturing, the emotion of a time, a person, people, a place or a thing. His portraits are related to the region of the Ukraine and it's histories.

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Always Remeber - A Website Dedicated to Jewish Resistance
Another Canadian MOTL Site
Anti-Defamation League
Crosspoint - Jewish Resources & Shoah
Descendants of the Shoah Inc. began in Melbourne, Australia in 1991 as a group of sons and daughters of Holocaust survivors wanting to explore our parents' experiences, the similarities in our childhoods and how this would affect our own children, the third generation.
Federation of Jewish Child Survivors of the Holocaust
Holocaust - A Tragic Legacy
Holocaust Education Foundation
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Impact of the Holocaust - Discussion about the implications of the Holocaust on our everyday lives now and in the foreseeable future
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World Jewish Restitution Organization
Restitution / Recovery
Court TV - A Look Back at Nuremberg
Documents - Switzerland and the Holocaust Assets
Execution of Nazi War Criminals at Nuremberg
Frontline - Nazi Gold
German Restitution for Nationalist Socialist Crimes
Holocaust Assets Home Page
ITA Pressroom - Nazi Assets
Nuremberg Trial - Legal Background
Nuremberg Trial - The Indictment
Nuremberg Trials - The Defendants and Verdicts
World Jewish Restitution Organization
Survivors Remember
Abe's Story - A Holocaust Memoir
A Journey to Lita - Dedicated to 150,000 Jewish Lithuanian men and women and 50,000 Jewish Lithuanian children murdered by the Nazis and their Lithuanian collaborators.
Another Angel for G-d
Auschwitz Committee
Bochove, Burt - Holland: Story
Borsky, Valie - A Survivor of Theresienstadt
Chlup, Anna and Jaruslav - Czechoslovakia: Story
Cohen, Henry - Director of Foehrenwald Displaced Persons Camp
Damski, Christine - Story
Damski, John - Poland - Story
Lucille E.-Interview
Feder, Herman Paul - Story
Chapters of the Federation of Jewish Child Survivors
Dentist of Auschwitz
Forgive, but never forget - in the memory of those six million Jews killed by the Third Reich -for no reason other than the fact that they were Jews.
Forty Years Later - A Personal Recollection
Rabbi Baruch G - Memories of Forced Labor in Mlawa
Heinrich, Joseph - Story
Juliard, Henny - Story
Hirsh, Gabo - A survivor, asks for your help in finding other survivors
Mia, Ab and Wim Ikkersheim - Memories of Hidden Children
In August of 1942 - A poem by Janine Oberrotman
In memoriam of Iwan and Jettie - Netherlands
Kimel, Alexander - I Cannot Forget
Helen L.-Interview
Lilien, Dr. Olga - Tells Her Story
Litowicz, Rachel - Story
Lipetz, Jacque - Story
Makuch, Barbara - Poland: Story
Muller, Filip - Testimony
Edith P. -Memories of Auschwitz
Pais, Bram- Story
Pinkhof, Mirjam - Tells Her Story
Pran, Dith
Ogrodzinska, Halina Szymanska - Story
Out of the Flames
Charlotte Guthmann Opfermann Interview - Charlotte's personal account of life within the Theresienstadt Ghetto.
Pearls and Lace - Poems by Magdalena Klein
Helen R. -Memories of Auschwitz
Rybak, Rwyka -A Survivor of the Holocaust
Peter S -Memories of Ravensbrick
Statistics of Jewish Victims
Stichting Nederlands Auschwitz Comité/Dutch
Strobos, Tina - Holland
Survivors of the Shoah - Visual History Foundation
Testomonies - Interviews with Survivors and Witnesses
Story of Elsie V
Van Hesteren, Erika Tells Her Story
Voices from the Holocaust
Anna W. - A Survivor of Ravensbrick
When Heaven's Vault Cracked Zagreb Memories
Whosoever saves a single life... - a very large bibliography on rescuers during the holocaust.
Wiesenthal, Simon - Biography
Quotes by Wiesenthal
United Nations Year for Tolerance Speech - On November 20, 1995 in New York, Wiesenthal gave a speech addressing his concerns about the combination of hate and technology. To enhance tolerance to all peoples, Wiesenthal proposed an international conference with representatives of the monotheistic and other religions to help stop hate.
U.S. Holocaust Research Institute Library - Holocaust Survivors
Vorshirm, Alfredo - Invites discussion
Wannsee Conference
Winkle, Selma Metzger - Her experience in Nazi Concentration Camp
Why, Oh G-d, Why?
Women And The Holocaust - Dedicated to all those women who were murdered while pregnant. Holding little hands of children or carrying infants in their arms on the way to be gassed. In hiding. To the mothers who gave their children to be hidden, many never to find them again. Or as fighters in the resistance: in ghettos, forests, partisan units. And to the lives of those few who survived and bravely carried on.
Yad Vashem Archives
Yad Vashem Archives (1984)
Yaari, Sophie - Story
Yettie Mendels Tells Her Story
Young Soapmaker
Teaching Resources
Activities for Students - A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust offers over a dozen excellent activities to help children learn about the Holocaust.
An Introductory Summary of the Holocaust
Anne Frank Educational Trust UK
Anne Frank Center USA
Anne Frank, - A 12 class lesson plan by Daniel Barkowitz
Anne Frank Exhibit - New Jersey's
Annotated Bibliography I - General & Specialized History
Annotated Holocaust Bibliography II - || Biography || Fiction || Memoirs || Diaries || Poetry, Drama, and Art || Literary Criticism
A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust - An overview of the people and events of the Holocaust through photographs, documents, art, music, and literature.
Beast Within - Discussion about the "darker side of human nature
Braun Holocaust Institute
Course Outline for Holocaust and Resistance Studies - Brief overview of a course outline for grades 10 to
college including four major phases as well as a timeline and glossary.
Curricular Resources for Teachers - Discussions, hints, and lesson plans, this listing of resources about teaching the Holocaust will help you plan, organize, and implement your lessons.
Cybery of the Holocaust
Das ShoaNet Glossar - ist ein Online-Nachschlagewerk. In diesem werden momentan über 300 Begriffe, Ereignisse und Organisationen der Geschichte des Holocausts/der Shoa
FAQs Usenet - A list of frequently asked questions on the holocaust.
Guidelines for Teaching about the Holocaust
Holocaust Commission
Holocaust Education Foundation Homepage
Holocaust Glossary
Holocaust Literature Research Institute
Holocaust Teacher Resource Center - strives to combat prejudice and bigotry by transforming the horrors of the Holocaust into positive lessons to help make this a better and safer world for everybody.
Hopesite Homepage Centre for Holocaust Education
I*EARN Holocaust/Genocide Project
H-Antisemitism Listserv - This listserv is an automated email list for scholars of antisemitism to share information, discuss methodology, share sources for funding, and to comment upon current historiography.
H-Holocaust Discussion List - This is the introduction and orientation page for the H-Holocaust listserv. The listserv is an automated email list that educators and scholars of the Holocaust can join to discuss topics concerning the Holocaust. The discussion is usually academic and geared toward those teaching college courses on this subject.
Holocaust Listserv - Hosted by the Holocaust Teacher Resource Center, this email list is to give Holocaust educators the opportunity to share questions/answers and problems/solutions for their educational programs and presentations.
Layman's Guide to Auschwitz
Layman's Guide to Operation Reinhard
Living history project - "information about what happened during the Second World War, the view of humanity underlying the Holocaust".
Massuah - the Institute for the Study of the Holocaust,
Nizkor Project Home Page
Reach & Teach - education and information about the Holocaust, the Kindertransport and related World War II historical facts.
References for Librarians
Roma (Gypsy) Victims of the Holocaust - - From A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust.
Schindler's List Teaching Guide
Seminars for Educators at Yad Vashem
Teaching the Holocaust through Stamps
Teaching Tolerance
Time Line
History Place Holocaust Timeline - 1933-1945
Holocaust Timeline - 1869 - 1918
Holocaust Timeline - 1919-1932
Holocaust Timeline - 1933-1945
Holocaust Timeline - 1946-Present
Interactive Holocaust Timeline
NAAF Timeline of the Holocaust - 1938-1945
Wiesenthal Holocaust Timeline - 1933-1945
1939-1945 by Chaim Goldberg
3rd Reich Factbook
36 Questions about the Holocaust
About The Holocaust - Where Was G-d During The Holocaust?
A Holocaust Prayer - by Alexander Kimel
A "Page of Glory"
A poem, Babi Yar
A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust
ABC/PBS show on Adolf
About Oscar Schindler - a bon vivant, an alcoholic, a member of the Nazi party and a womanisor of the worst sort - and at the same time one of the greatest, if not the greatest, humane figure in the horrors of Holocaust. Who saved more Jews during WW2 than any other single person ....
Aktion Kinder des Holocaust
AMCHA -Israeli Centers for Holocaust Survivors and the Second Generation, provides support services
Art As Evidence - The Nazi's Cultural War by Elana Verbin, exploring the recent auction of art works seized by the Nazis.
Artifacts Salvaged from the Destruction
Auschwitz Alphabet
Beyond the Pale - History of Jews in Russia.
Books by Survivors
Books by Survviors
Catholics in the Holocaust
Challenges of the Holocaust
Companies Affiliated With Concentration Camps -by Judy Cohen
Concentration Camps
Concentration Camp Medical Experiment Testimonies
Conditions for the Jews in Czechoslovakia During the Nazi Era
Conditions in Poland During World War II
Courage Under Siege
Deaf Holocaust Victims
Death Squads - Articles
Debate the Holocaust? - by Dan Johnson
Denial, Holocaust, & The Big Lie - Refutation of some common claims of those who deny the Holocaust.
Displaced Persons - Articles
Displaced Person's Camps
Document F 321 - The International War Council in Nürmberg
Don't Let the Light Go Out
Escapees from Auschwitz
Excerpts from original Nazi documents - relating directly to the extermination of Jews and others which was carried out by the Nazis during WW2
Exodus - From JSOURCE, a very short overview of this ship's voyage.
Exodus: An Overview - Adapted from the Encyclopedia of the Holocaust, a short overview of the ship the Exodus' attempt to bring survivors of the Holocaust to
FAQs about the Holocaust
Felix Nussbaum
Final Solution
Forced Labor, Polish - by Jeanne Dingell
Forgotten Victims - Articles about
Frank, Anne -Articles about
Frequently Asked Questions and Other Items
Genealogy - Holocaust Information
Ghetto Fighter's House
Glossary of the Holocaust
Gypsies and the Holocaust
Gypsies in Auschwitz
Gypsies in Auschwitz - Part 2
Hartmann, Erich: -In The Camps
Hidden History of the Kovno Ghetto
History of the Holocaust - Timeline
Holocaust Denial & the Internet
Holocaust Document Translations
Holocaust History Project
Holocaust Global Registry
Holocaust -- A Tragic Legacy
Holocaust Timeline - Created and maintained by The History Place, this timeline summarizes the major events of the Holocaust and is an effort to be a complete chronicle of Nazi persecution of the Jews with over 150 photos and text.
Homosexuals and the Holocaust
International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies
J-hovah's Witnesses and the Holocaust
Jewish History in Poland During the Years 1939-1945
Jewish-Polish Heritage - History of Jews in Poland
Killer Vans
Korczak, Janusz - Articles
Kristallnacht: The November 1938 Pogroms
Labor and the Holocaust
Letters on Sterilization
Letters on Euthanasia
Liberation - Articles about
March of the Living
Mermelstein vs. the IHR (Institute for Historical Review) - 1981 trial summary A survey of the case in which a Holocaust survivors sued the IHR.
Moshe Rynecki - A Jewish Artist Whose Work Survived the Holocaust
Museums and Memorials
Museum of Tolerance Online - The Jews
Museum of Tolerance Onlime - The Nazis
Museum of Tolerance Online - The World Response
Museum of Tolerance Online - World War II
Museum of Tolerance - After the War
Museum of Tolerance - Documentation of Atrocities
Museum of Tolerance - On-line Books
Museum of Toleranne - Online Multimedia Learning Center
Museum of Tolerance - This Week in History
Music of the Holocaust
Nazi Doctors and Human Experimentation
Nazi Letters on Execution of Jews
Nazi Medicine and Nazi Doctors
Nazi Methods of Torture
Nazi Officials
Nazism and the Holocaust
Nazi Symbols
New York Times Articles from 1933-1948
Non-Jewish Victims of the Holocaust
Numbers of Refugees That Canada
Nuremberg Laws
Nuremberg Trial
Organizations and Archives
Pearls and Lace - Poems by Magdalena Klein
Persecution - Articles about
Protocols of the Elders of Zion
Responses to Revisionist Arguments
Responses to the Holocaust - A Hypermedia Archive for the Humanities
Responses to the Holocaust - The Nazi Genocide of the Jews, 1933-45 - A Hypermedia Archive for the Humanities
Roma (Gypsy) Victims of the Holocaust - - From A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust.
Schindler's List
Second Generation
Since 1945
SS St. Louis
Stroop on Treblinka - Jürgen Stroop specifically mentioned liquidation of Jews sent to Treblinka
Summary of Resistance, Response, and Reaction
Swiss Banks and Swiss Gold
T-4 Euthanisie Programme
Third Reich
Third Reich Factbook
Timeline of the Holocaust 1933-1945
unit 731 a half century of denial
Vatican bank claims - Restitution & justice for atrocity and concentration camp survivors of Serb, Jewish, and Ukrainian background and their relatives
Virtual Auschwitz
Voices of Victims
Warsaw Ghetto Chronology
Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
What the Camps Were Like
Zabludow Holocaust Page - Information on the holocaust in Zabludow, Poland
Zwartendijk, Jan - A Righteous Gentile
War Criminals
A Look Back at Nuremberg
Barbie, Klaus
Bormann, Martin - Hitler's personal secretary
Braun, Eva - Hitler's mistress
Alois Brunner, The Search For - Already sentenced to death (twice) in France for mass killings in the Dracy concentration camp, Brunner is believed to be alive and living in Syria. This page gives a brief background of the man and the searches and asks for help in bringing him to justice.
Circle of Powerful Men - Short descriptions of the men
Eichmann Trial
Eichmann, Adolf - Articles
Escape Route of Martin Bormann
From Who's Who in Nazi Germany: Bormann
From Who's Who in Nazi Germany: Eichmann
Göring, Herman - A short biography of the Reich Marshal.
Hess, Rudolf
Himmler, Heinrich - Articles
Hitler, Adolf - Articles
Mengele, Josef - Doctor at Auschwitz
Museum of Tolerance: Other War Crimes Trials
Museum of Tolerance: Prosecution of War Criminals
Museum of Tolerance: Trials by Allied Courts in Germany
Nuremberg Trial Series
Nuremberg Trial
Nuremberg Trials - Justice Jackson's Opening Address U.S.
Nuremberg Trials Video
Nuremberg War Crimes Trials
Nuremberg Trials: The Defendants and Verdicts
Trial of Adolph Eichmann
The Trial of Klaus Barbie
Witnesses to Nuremberg

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