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Afterword - Canada's National Jewish Student Newsletter
Alliance - Jewish Online Magazine for the French Community
Amit Magazine - New York NY - Fax: 1-212-353-2312
Artik - online magazine for entertainment, art, food, media, movies, music,spending, shenkin, stage, help.
Arnona - A Magazine of Real Estate and Taxation - Hebrew
Atlanta Maccabiah Press - Marietta GA - E-Mail: MACCABI@MindSpring.com
Aufbau - New York NY - E-Mail: aufbau@aol.com
Axioma - Israel's first exclusive online culture and arts magazine.
Azure - Washington D.C.
Being Jewish - Supplement for Jewish Family Education
Beis Moshiach Magazne Online - Weekly magazine. In English and Hebrew.
B'nai B'rith Int. Jewish Monthly - E-Mail:ijm@bnaibrith.org
Bridges Magazine - A weekly newspaper in Dutch
B'tzedek Online
Chabad Online
Commentary Magazine - back issues
Community - Louisville KY - E-Mail: jfed@iglou.com
Community Review - Harrisburg PA - E-Mail: communityreview@desupernet.net

COMMUNITY Magazine is the most widely circulated Sephardic monthly magazine in the world. From New York and New Jersey to Aleppo and Istanbul. COMMUNITY Magazine covers it all. COMMUNITY Magazine brings the most relevant topics to the forefront of the Jewish family with thought provoking, intellectually stimulating and entertaining
articles, stories and world class editorials. COMMUNITY Magazine's diverse topics span from local to international. COMMUNITY Magazine enjoys the distinctive feature of Rabbinical supervision that enables access to the most discerning Jewish homes. COMMUNITY Magazine is an excellent source of quality advertisements and services.

Country Yossi Family Magazine
Cross-Currents: A Journal of Torah and Current Affairs Original essays on timely topics, plus reviews of Jewish, news, scientific, political journal articles - presented in a Torah context
Cyber J - L'information Francophone sur Israel et la Communauté Juive
Currents in Jewish Culture
Der Bay - Anglo-Yiddish Newsletter
Dei'ah Vedibur - Information & Insight
Dimensions - Deerfield Beach FL - E-Mail: skarro@gate.net
Down Syndrome Magazine a publication of information, chizuk, and shared experiences
Foro de la Vida Judia en - Magazine of Jewish life from Mexico and the World.
From Heart To Heart - A Russina Jewish Magazine
Forward - New York
Golem - Jewish European Magazine _ Germany
Hadassah Magazine - New York NY
CLAL's Online Weekly Magazine
Hebrew Immigration Aid Society Headlines & Highlights - New York NY - E-Mail:
Link - Mideast Business Magazine
Hebrew Watchman - Memphis TN - Fax: 1-901-763-2216
HolyLand Magazine
Image Magazine - Sephardic Monthly Magazine
International Jewish Monthly - A magazine published by Bnei Brith
Innernet Magazine
Israel Fact Finders - Jerusalem Israel - E-Mail: nancy@netvision.net.il
Israel Business
Israel's Business Areana
Israel Hour News
Israel News (JR Hotsites)
Israel Tourist Guide - Tourism in general, leisure time and our policy of tourism.
JAFI Magnet - The Jewish Agency's online magazine
Jewish Bible Association
Jewish Heritage Magazine
Jerusalem Magazine
Jerusalem On-Line Observer
Jewish Action Magazine - New York NY - E-Mail: charlott@ou.org
Jewish Family - Needham MA
Jewish Heritage Magazine
Jewish Homemaker
Jewish Ink
Jewish Interest Magazine
Jewish Leader - New London CT. E-Mail: jefis@conncoll.edu
Jewish Magazine - An Excellent Magazine of various Jewish interests
Jewish Parenting Today
JewPI.com - "Jewish Press International - the largest source for Jewish news, Jewish blogs, Jewish press, Israeli news from all around the Jewish world"
Jewish Veteran - Washington D. C.
Jewish West
Jewish World Review - Jewish columnists update daily
Jewish Youth Work Magazine- Published by the Association for Jewish Youth.
JTS Magazine - Jewish Theological Seminary's
quarterly magazine
Judea Magazine - The story of the rebirth of Jewish life in Judea, Israel
Kashrus Conscience Magazine
Khulyot: Journal of Yiddish Research - Yisroel
Kol Haam Magazine - Hebrew
Kosher Delight
Kosher Times Magazine - Hebrew - The Kosher Times - kashrut industry magazine. Supervision, consuming, industry andtechnology. Kashrut on holidays, kosher traveling and more.
Lachaim Magazine - Russian
Lilith - New York NY
Living Judaism - Dutch Jewish Magazine Online also in English
Masa Acher - Includes weekly updates, discussion forums, articles, travel information, merchandise
Menorah - Quartely magazine, from and about Israel in Swedish.
Moment - Washington D. C.
Montreal Magazine - For Young Adults
National Foundation for Jewish Culture - New York NY
Near East Report - Washington D. C.
Nekuda - On-line version of settler's magazine
Nesher - English - Women Online
Nesher - Hebrew _ Women Online
New Israel Fund - Washington D C.
New Moon Magazine - Aistralia
NIW - Nieuw Israelietisch Weekblad
Pakn-Trege - Yiddish for Book Peddler
Perspectives - Magazine of the Columbia University Jewish community.
Reform Judaism - New York NY
Reform Judaism Magazine
Reporter Women's American ORT - New York NY - Fax: 1-212-674-3057
Response Magazine E- Mail:acooper@Wiesenthal.com
Security Affairs - Washington D. C.
Sephardic Image - Brooklyn NY - E-Mail: image@imageusa.com
Shai - An exclusive maritime magazine. Here you'll find
updated shipping schedules and airtransport timetables, concerning Israel and the global market.

Shalom Magazine Our Magazine is a Swiss based European Jewish periodical in French, German, English, Russian, Ivrit.

ShevaNet Magazine - Hebrew
Sh'ma:Journal of Jewish Responsibility - Needham MA
Speaker - Bridgewater NJ - E-Mail: Somerset@cjf.noli.com
Social Action - Jewish Resources For Socal Action
Source - The Israel Online Magazine
Sparks - Jewish "edutainment" for kids, ages 9-13. Includes stories, articles, games and interviews.
Status - Israel's Leading Manager's Magazine
Surf N' Soul Magazine - Jewish Surfers International.
Teen To Teen - is a virtual magazine written for and by teens teens. The articles, features and bulletin board deal with teen issues, moving to a new country, Israel, aliya, high-school, bar mitzva, bat-mitzva, fun, chat, penpal, bulletin board .
Teva Hadvarim - In Hebrew - Israeli geographical and natural magazine involved in travel, adventure, science, history, cultures, environment and the protection of nature
Tiyutot - The Electronic Hebrew Culture Magazine
Tzivos Hashem - Children's Newsletter
United Synagogue Review - New York NY
University of Judaism Bel Air CA
University of Judaism Magazine -Fax::1-310-471-1278
Virtual Bagel
Virtual Jerusalem
Wanderer Magazine - Articles from back issues
Women in Judaism
Women's League Outlook Magazine - New York NY - E-Mail: OutlookRJK@aol.com
Yistoky - Monthly Magazine Published by JCC of Kishinev & Moldova
Yofi - Israel's Online Magazine For Women
News Associations
A. Engler's Jewish News Links
American Israelite - Cincinnati OH - Fax: 1-513-621-3744
American Jewish Press Association
American Jewish World - Minneapolis MN - E-Mail: amjewish@isd.net
Association of Israel Journalists
Association Of Israel Journalists, Haifa and North - Israel's first journalists
INS News Service - 24 hour Israeli internet news, covering the complete spectrum of news andevents occurring in Israel.
International Jewish Media Association - Jerusalem Israel - E-Mail: STLOUISLGT@aol.com
Israel Resource News Agency - Jerusalem Israel
Israel Wire
Jewish Communications Network - New York NY
Jewish Telegraph Agency, international news service that provides up-to-the-minute reports, analysis pieces and features on events and issues of concern to the Jewish people. includes columns from Jewish writers all over the world, links
JCN Jewish Communications Network
JewPI.com - "Jewish Press International - the largest source for Jewish news, Jewish blogs, Jewish press, Israeli news from all around the Jewish world"
JWNN - Jewish Web Network News A service of the Jewish Post of NY Online
Lubavitch News Service
Middle East Newsline - Independant Middle East Newsline service.
Religion News Service - Washington D. C. - E-Mail: info@religionnews.com
Shomron News Service
Unofficial Jewish News Media List

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Afterword - Canada's National Jewish Student Newspaper
Alliance - Francaise
Arizona Jewish Post - E-Mail: azpost@aol.com
AZ Jewish News
Baltimore Jewish Times - Baltimore MD
Buffalo Jewish Review - Buffalo NY - E-Mail: BuffJewRev@aol.com
Canadian Jewish News
Connecticut Jewish Ledger - E-Mail: CTJLedger@aol.com
Charleston Jewish Journal - Charleston SC - Fax: 1-803-556-6206
Chicago Jewish News - Chicago IL
Chicago Jewish Star - Skokie IL - E-Mail: chicago-jewish-star@mcimail.com
Chronicle - Sarasota FL - Fax: 1-941-371-2947
Cleveland Jewish News - Cleveland OH
Dayton Jewish Observer - Dayton OH - E-Mail: MWeiss@JFGD.net
Deep South Jewish Voice
Der Bavebter Yid
Der Yapanisher Yid
Detroit Jewish News
Di yidishe gas - Moscow
Edmonton Jewish Life
Evreiskii Kamerton Yisroel
Florida Jewish News
Forverts - New York
Forward - Americas historic national Jewish newspaper. Founded as a Yiddish daily in 1897, the English paper carries on the tradition of intelligent, controversial writing covering theAmerican Jewish community with a level of depth and insider knowledge you cannot find anywhere else.
Globes - Finanical Paper
Ha'aretz English Version - Translation of selected articles from Ha'aretz, Israel's most respected Hebrew language newspaper
Ha'Aretz Hebrew - Israel's Online PaperHeritage Florida Jewish News - Fern Park FL - E-Mail: heritagefl@aol.com
Indiana News - Highland IN - Fax: 1-219-972-4779
Inter Mountain Jewish News - Colorado
International Jewish Gazette - Russian language paper
Israel Line Subscription - Get daily updates by subscription
Jerusalem On Line
Jerusalem On-line Observer - Hebrew
Jerusalem Post Online
Jerusalem Report
Jewish Advocate - Boston MA
Jewish Bulletin - Northern California
Jewish Chronicle, London
Jewish Chronicle - Pittsburgh PA - E-Mail: pittjewchr@aol.com
Jewish Community Chronicle - E-Mail: jchron@surfside.net
Jewish Monthly Online
Jewish Community News (San Jose)- E-Mail: jcn@jfgsj.org
Jewish Community News - Teaneck NJ - E-Mail: JewishStd@aol.com
The Jewish Community Voice - Cherry Hill NJ
Jewish Daily Forward Homepage
Jewish Free News - Fax: 1-403-255-5640
Jewish Exponent - Philadelphia PA
Jewish Heartland - Shorewood WI - E-Mail: amme@execpc.com
Jewish Herald-Voice - Houston TX - Gulf Coast Weekly

Jewish Journal
Mail speskoff@tribune.com
Jewish Journal - Deerfield Beach FL - E-Mail: 6869126@mcimail.com
Jewish Journal - Youngstown OH - E-Mail: yojjournal@aol.com
Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles
Jewish Journal of San Antonio - San Antonio TX - E-Mail: markjfsa@aol.com
Jewish Ledger - Rochester NY - Fax: 1-716-427-8521
Jewish News - Metairie LA
Jewish News - Richmond VA - E-Mail: info@chabadofva.org
Jewish News of Greater Phoenix
Jewish News of Western Massachusetts - Northampton MA - E-Mail: JWNEWS18@aol.com
Jewish News Links
Jewish Observer of Central New York - E-Mail: JOCNYads@aol.com

The Jewish Post & Opinion
The National Jewish Post & Opinion is a biweekly newspaper with emphasis on Jewish healing. It was founded by Gabriel M. Cohen in 1930. It is published in Indianapolis, Indiana.

JewPI.com - "Jewish Press International - the largest source for Jewish news, Jewish blogs, Jewish press, Israeli news from all around the Jewish world"
Jewish Post of New York
Jewish Press - VJ
Jewish Press - Omaha NB - E-Mail: jshpress@aol.com
Jewish Press of Pinellas County - Clearwater FL - Fax: 1-813-530-3039
Jewish Press - Brooklyn NY - Fax: 1-718-624-4106
Jewish Reporter - Metro West Area - Framingham MA - Fax: 1-508-879-5856
Jewish Reporter - Las Vegas NV - E-Mail: bethmillerjflv@aol.com
Jewish Review - Portland, OR
Jewish Standard - Teaneck NJ - E-Mail: JewishStd@aol.com
Jewish Star - South River NJ
Jewish Times - Pleasantville NJ - E-Mail: jwishtimes@aol.com
Jewish Transcript - Seattle WA
Jewish Voice - E-Mail: jewishvoic@aol.com
Jewish Voice - Deal Park NJ - Fax: 1-732-660-0035
The Jewish Voice & Opinion - Englewood NJ
Jewish Voice of Rhode Island - Providence RI - E-Mail: JVOICE@aol.com
Jewish Week,
Jewish Woman - Washington D.C.
Jewish World Review, to Jewish sites, articles and stories suitable for any audience
Juedische Rundschau - The Juedische Rundschau is one of the last independent jewish newspapers in the German language
JUF News - Chicago IL
Kansas City Jewish Chronicle, Inc. - Overland Park KS - Fax: 1-913-381-1402
Las Vegas Israelite - Las Vegas NV - Fax: 1-702-364-1009
London Jewish News
New Jersey Jewish News - Whippany NJ
New Mexico Jewish Link - Albuquerque NM
News in Hebrew
Niew Israelitisch Weekblad - A weekly newspaper in Dutch
NJ Jewish News
Observer - Nashville TN - E-Mail: Nashobserv@aol.com
O'Hebreu OnLine - Brazil
Ohio Jewish Chronicle - Columbus OH - Fax: 1-614-337-2058
Orot Edition Francaise
Our Jerusalem
Philadelphia Jewish Exponent
Portland Rhishoneem Chapter of Kadima - summaries of past events, a list of coming events, the newspaper online, related links to Jewish and non Jewish sites.
Reporter - Vestal NY - E-Mail: TReporter@aol.com
Rockland Jewish Reporter - New York NY - Fax: 1-914-362-4282
San Diego Jewish Times - E-Mail: jewishtimes@msn.com
Southern Illinois Jewish Community News - Belleville IL - Fax: 1-618-398-0539
Shalom Newspaper - Wyomissing PA E-Mail: joan@early.com
Southern Shofar - The award winning Jewish newspaper of Alabama -- The http://www.bham.net/shofar/south's first Jewish periodical on the internet!
Southeastern Virginia Jewish News - Virginia Beach VA - Fax: 1-757-671-7613
St. Louis Jewish Light - St Louis MO - E-Mail: STLOUISLGT@aol.com
Szombat the Hungarian Jewish Community
Tam - Hebrew - Tel Aviv Newspaper
Tam Tam - Paris, In PDF format. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader - FREE
Texas Jewish Post - Dallas TX - Fax: 1-817-429-0840
Toledo Jewish News- Sylvania OH - Fax: 1-419-885-8627
UK Jewish Chronicle
UK Jewish Telegraph
USAJewish inclusive and opinionated daily news report offering links and blurbs on Jewish and Israel-related items.
Western Jewish Bulletin - E-Mail: jbeditor@istar.ca
Washington Jewish Week - Rockville MD - E-Mail: wjweek@aol.com
Washtenaw Jewish News - Ann Arbor MI - E-Mail:WJNA2@aol.com
Weather In Israel
Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle - Milwaukee WI - E-Mail: MilwaukeeJ@aol.com
World News (JR Hotsites)
World of Judaica is an educational portal
on Judaica and Judaism today. World of
Judaism provides news and articles on
Jewish Jewelry, Jewish Holidays, and
Jewish Celebrations.

Yiddish Voice
YU Commentator

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