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Yeshivat HaKotel Torah Tape Library
AACI - Associations of Americans and Canadians in Israel. Information on living in Israel
American Israel Public Affairs Committee
American Jewish Archives

American Jewish Committee - Pursuing Jewish security
American Jewish Historical Society
American Zionist Movement a coalition of groups and individuals committed to Zionism.
Anti-Defamation League (ADL) Anti-Defamation League - The world's leading organization fighting anti-Semitism, hatred, prejudice and bigotry
B'nai Noach Torah Institue: Bnai Noach Torah Institute prepares students from a Torah perspective to teach the Seven Noach Commands and assist B'nai Noach / Spiritualist Congregations. BNTI is a good place to learn Hebrew!
B'nai B'rithYouth Organization is a youth led, worldwide organization which provides opportunities for Jewish youth to develope their leadership potential, a positive Jewish identity and commitment to their personal development.
CAJE - Education
Canadian Jewish Congress
Chabad - Lubavitch In Cyberspace
Coalition for the Advancement of Jewish

ISTOCHNIK (www.istok.ru) Who Are We? ISTOCHNIK is a coalition of prominent educational organizations on four continents. How Do We Reach Our Targets? Over the Internet now available even in the remotest areas. To do what? To provide the 200 Jewish educational faculties of the Former Soviet Union, with the teaching and training materials not otherwise available. To re-connect the unconnected Jews of the FSU with their fellow Jews.
Jewish Outreach Institute

Jewish Pro-Life Foundation
We promote alternatives to abortion in the Jewish community by providing education about fetal development, the viability and sanctity of unborn life, and traditional Jewish law regarding abortion. We teach our community about the harmful effects of abortion, and provide support to Jewish women and men who suffer from post abortion syndrome.

Jewish Reconstructionist Federation
Jewish Theological Seminary
North American Federation Of Temple Youth
Orthodox Union

ORTnet's founded in 1880 in St.Petersburg, is today a global, non-profit organisation, meeting the education and training needs of contemporary societies around the world.

Reform Judaism
Union for Traditional Judaism
United Synagouge Of Conservative Judaism
Union Of American Hebrew Congregations
World Global Jewish Synagogue Directory
 Shabbos Video Site

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JewishPath, B'nai Noach Torah Institute and 7 commands offers dozens of tuition e - mail courses.
Please visit BNTI's Tuition Courses page.
For Jewish Classmates: Gematria, Parsha, Tehillim, Medos, High Holidays and many more...
For Spiritualist Classmates: Bereishis, Torah, Blessings, Intro. Hebrew and many more...